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We offer after hour cleaning and janitorial services so your business will not be interrupted during the work day. Everyone deserves a clean and comfortable work environment.

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We are a company that finds pleasure in the cleaning services we provide. We have always operated with honesty and integrity and always will. The big difference between our company and other companies (franchise chains) we are personal with our clients and truly treasure each customer. Capital Janitorial cleaning has been in service for the past two years and has never lost an client. We do what it takes to keep our clients happy and stress free.

When it comes to who you are going to allow in your home or personal work space, the choice can be just as important as finding a trustworthy provider. We are dedicated to providing unmatched customer service.

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“Capital Janitorial has provide us with excellent cleaning service since August 2016, without missing a day of service. Capital Janitorial is always flexible when it comes to cleaning time changes or extra duties.”

Tings City Manager: Valerie Giovagnani

“Capital Janitorial .”

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“Capital Janitorial .”

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